Jon Brunberg


I tend to create long-term, thematic frameworks that revolves around societal, political and philosophical notions, such as power, utopia and tolerance, for which I produce artworks in a variety of media ranging from video, installation, drawing, text and software applications, to social and performative techniques.

Collaboration and exchange of knowledge are crucial aspects of my working process as well as the result. As much as I expect to learn from my practices, and from my collaborators, I'm also encouraging others to use my art in their learning/teaching activities. To produce exchanges of knowledge I sometimes invite or involve practitioners from other disciplines than the arts, such as architects, psychologists or utopians – or design works that are directed to, and interacts with, specific audiences outside of the art world. I've also participated in numerous artistic collaborations and artist groups over the years.

While the philosophy, sociology and psychology of politics (rather than art-as-activism per sé), and a global and structural perspective, has a prominent place in my production, I'm also interested in exploring human conditions and social relations on a more intimate level.

In recent years I've been exploring the use of maps and diagrams as tools to perceive certain phenomena from a worldview-perspective and used my programming skills to create “data-driven”, research-intensive, artworks in which I use datasets to produce animated, or hand-drawn, maps, graphs and diagrams.

Jon Brunberg, Stockholm, Feb 2015

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Jon Brunberg
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