2 - Jon Brunberg - Power as metaphysics and measurable unit

Jon Brunberg

Power as metaphysics and measurable unit

This project is the last part in a triology that started with the ongoing multi-disciplinary work Utopian World Championship in 2001, and continued with the still unfinished Polynational War Memorial in 2004. It is based on the assumption that power can be measured, an idea that has been rejected many times in theory although it is sometimes applied in specific contexts such as governmental administration and gender research.


Duplicate 07 

The first version of the internet-based work was presented at the group show Duplicate at Magasinet in Falun in 2007 in the form of a website which offers visitors to measure their individual power and analyze the result with a few basic tools. I also presented the tool at a lecture at Dalarnas Museum on Septemer 29.

Insert for Paletten

For the 4/07-1/08 issue of the swedish art review Paletten I made an insert that describes the project, which was produced by Catrin Lundqvist in cooperation with Paletten for the festival Node.Stockholm. The issue was released on February 19 2008, at Clarion Hotel in Stockholm where the project was also presented by myself and Catrin Lundqvist.

The Studio at Moderna Museet

The solo exhibition 19 years + and a tool for measuring power featured The Power Tool alongside the animation 19 years. The exhibition offered visitors to measure their power, and included a monitor that delivered continous updates of the Power Value Index and other statistics.


The website is continously updated. The last update was in May 2009 when the first English version of the Power Tool and a new blog was released.

The address to the Power Tool is http://powerinstruments.net


Paletten, the insert
Magasinet Falun/Duplicate 07